25 August 2016


Coolaroo South Africa has once again generously donated 3 XL Dog Beds each to the value of R925! ...Read More

July 2016 Rottie of the Month

13 July 2016

A massive thank you to all the proud Rottie owners who sent in photo's of their 'children'.

We are pleased to announce that the Winner goes to the sweetest pair, Alex and Balenciaga and their very proud owner, Linda Lillis! Well done!

...Read More

Rottie of the Month-July

6 July 2016

Submit your best Rottie photo with a description to, or to this post and you could be featured on our website's Rottie of the Month and Blog Spot :) We will be posting the winner Wednesday 13th July! More

SMS line Sponsorship

7 September 2014

A big thank you to Smsolutions for sponsoring the sms line for our Coolaroo fundraiser!

Please don't forget to sms Coolaroo to 42220 to stand a chance to win one of 3 Coolaroo Pet Beds worth R749! Sms charged at R30, all proceeds go to our...Read More

August Rottie of the Month

29 August 2014

Thank you to everyone who sumbitted their amazing Rottie photos! We had such an overwhelming response! Thank you to 3 x rottie owner and Cape Town based Animal Behaviourist, Taryn Blyth for judging this competition More

Coolaroo Pet Beds

21 August 2014

What do we at Friend of the Rottweiler use for our Black & Tan's all important beauty sleep? Coolaroo of course!

We love Coolaroo pet beds because not only are they easy to clean, extremely durable, hygienic, snug & comfy for our d...Read More

Providing Mental Stimulation for your Dog by Taryn Blyth

18 August 2014

Many dogs engage in destructive behaviours or appear hyperactive, because they do not have enough to stimulate them and keep them occupied. Dogs that were originally bred for working purposes have a particular need to "do stuff". It is often sugge...Read More

Rottie Interview with Bernardina Gerretsen

27 March 2014

Friend of the Rottweiler sat down with the feisty Bernardina Gerretsen who may have last been seen driving her doggie van with a sign "Lost boyfriend and dog – reward for the dog". Bernardina Gerretsen has become the "go-to-person" when ther...Read More

Living with a Rescued Dog

27 March 2014

Today there are an increasing amount of animal rescue organisations and many families are choosing to adopt puppies or adult dogs from these institutions rather than buying pedigreed dogs from breeders. Unfortunately, though there are also many do...Read More

Are Rottweilers Dangerous Dogs?

27 March 2014

On Wednesday 11 January 2012 , a child was bitten by a Rottweiler on Clifton beach and required medical attention. Although many newspapers report that the child was severely injured and describe the attack in the most horrific terms, ER24 spokesm...Read More

Emily - A Rescued Dog Success Story

27 March 2014

Emily was about 2 or 3 years old when we found her in November 2001 wondering along in the middle of the road just outside our village in a state of near collapse. She was literally skin and bone with most of her fur having fallen out due to sever...Read More